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Capital Gains Strategies

Deferred capital gains

This unique approach to capital gains taxation, pursuant to current US tax code, allows the seller the actually defer the capital gains tax that is due on the sale of an appreciated asset. Taxes will still be paid, at a deferred date, and at the applicable tax rate at that time. Financial tools can be used in conjunction with this approach, utilizing the time value of money, to pay the future tax requirement.  90 to 95% of the after closing proceeds are returned, in cash, to the seller to use as they wish. No 1031 exchange required. Contact AgEdge Financial for more details.

Elimination of capital gains

Capital gains and recaptured depreciation are completely eliminated by utilizing a specialized trust in this approach.  The proceeds are available to the seller in 5 payments over the course of 4 years. 90 to 95% of the after closing proceeds are returned, in cash, to the seller to use as they wish. No 1031 exchange required.  Contact AgEdge Financial for more details.


(AgEdge Financial only provides a small portion of information about our 2 approaches to capital gains on this web site to protect our innovative ideas. Please contact AgEdge Financial for more detailed information)


Life Insurance

We are able to provide the lowest possible rates on all different types of life insurance.  AgEdge Financial utilizes a large firm that gives us access to over 100 different companies and their products offered, guaranteed to deliver the lowest possible cost to the buyer for the product that is selected for their application.   AgEdge Financial can provide a full line of life insurance products including but not limited to term, universal life, whole life, and many more products.  AgEdge Financial has access to virtually any product carried by a vast array of companies.



Annuities are often an underused financial tool when planning for one’s future.  These products have been unfairly criticized by many brokers in the industry for a variety of reasons which usually only has the brokers best interest in mind.  AgEdge Financial has access to annuities of all types from all the major players in this market which in turn can supply the buyer with a product that performs at the highest level in its class.  Contact AgEdge Financial to learn more about the power of annuities.


The mission of AgEdge Financial is to help clients avoid unnecessary taxation on assets or whole estates during transition periods utilizing innovative legal strategies & to provide low risk financial tools to safely maximize clients’ portfolios.